Advantages of Installing an Electric Furnace

Technician Installing an Electric FurnaceEvery type of furnace has its own advantages, and if you’re considering a furnace installation in the near future, you need to decide which type of furnace is right for you. If you value safety, low up-front costs, low maintenance, reliable resources, and being green, an electric furnace might be the right choice for you. Let’s take a closer look at 5 advantages of an electric furnace.

Low Maintenance

Electric furnaces are very popular options because they require much less maintenance than other furnace types. The only maintenance you need to perform on an electric furnace is to change the filter every month and have an inspection performed once or twice a year. Major problems with electric furnaces are rare, but the most likely problems to occur will be faulty heating elements, blower breakdowns, or an interruption in power delivery. These issues are pretty inexpensive to fix compared to the issues that other furnace types can have.

You should always leave electric furnace repairs to a trained professional HVAC service technician because of the dangers of dealing with high voltage elements. Don’t risk serious injury or death to save a few dollars on repair.

Reliable Resources

Electricity is an extremely reliable resource that is readily available and in good supply. While with other furnace types such as gas or oil, the availability of resources isn’t always guaranteed. In some cases, such as oil furnaces, you have to have the fuel delivered to you which can be very inconvenient. On the other hand, electric furnaces are always ready to go as long as you have power.

Lower Installation Costs

Another advantage of installing an electric furnace is that they are one of the less expensive options when it comes to the initial purchase and installation. If you’re looking to install a new furnace and are budget conscious or unable to spend a larger lump sum, an electric furnace may be the right option for you. One of the reasons that installing an electric furnace is less expensive is that unlike gas furnaces, an electric furnace doesn’t need to have a flue installed to dispel carbon monoxide.

Environmentally Friendly

Many people choose to go with an electric furnace because they are more environmentally friendly than many of the other heating options. Burning oil for heat isn’t the best thing in the world for overall air quality and burning gas for heat also gives off carbon monoxide.


The last advantage we’ll look at when it comes to electric furnaces is their safety. As mentioned earlier, gas furnaces give off carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is poisonous and is usually carried safely away by a flue. However, if there is a leak anywhere, the gas can infiltrate your home and pose major danger to you and your family. Electric furnaces, on the other hand, don’t burn any fuel or give off potentially harmful gases. Installing an electric furnace can give you peace of mind about the safety of the people in your home.

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