Duct Testing

Mountain Heating & Cooling Now Offers Duct Testing!

Leaking air ducts can lose anywhere from 10-40% of heated or cooled air before it ever reaches the rooms that your family lives in. Not only is your family’s comfort affected by improperly sized and sealed ductwork, but this is a great way to waste tons of energy, lose money, and even significantly decrease the air quality in your home!

More importantly, NC state law mandates that ductwork must be tested for leakage issues any time a new system is installed or there are significant changes to existing ductwork. If you need duct testing done to complete a construction project, give Mountain Heating & Cooling a call.

Test HVAC Ducts for Leaks
Duct Testing Asheville North Carolina

Why Should I Get My Ducts Tested?

You should definitely have your ducts tested if you’re replacing an old, inefficient AC or Heating unit. The new system’s efficiency will be defeated if your ducts are still leaking. We also recommend getting your ducts tested whenever a diagnostic or tune-up is performed on your unit. Tune-ups are great for keeping your heating and air systems in good working order, but it is still important to ensure that you’re not still wasting energy and money through your ventilation. A duct test will help determine what seals, repairs, or renovations are needed.

Get  A Qualified Duct Tester

Mountain Heating & Cooling can perform the duct testing necessary to your project — often for less than other duct testing companies. Give us a call today at (828) 527-8106 or request service online to get started.