Save Money on Winter Heating Bill

As it gets colder outside, your first reflex is probably to turn up the thermostat for added warmth. Unfortunately, the harder your HVAC system has to work, the more expensive your heating bills will be. If you want to know how to save money on your heating bills, you’ve come to the right place! Keep on reading to learn how you can save on your heating bills this fall and winter.

How to Safely Heat Your Home in Winter

The cold months are coming, and in the mountains of Western North Carolina, that means temperatures can get quite chilly. Thank goodness for home heating systems! They keep your home nice and warm so that you and your family don’t suffer from the cold. Although home heating systems are designed to be safe, there are a few things you should keep in mind this cold season when heating your home.

Heating System Inspection

The fall and winter months are coming, and that means you’ll want your home’s heating system to be operating at full capacity. It might seem warm now, but in the mountains of North Carolina, that can change really fast. It’s important to be prepared for the colder weather that comes with fall and winter.

HVAC Service Agreements Asheville ,NC

One of the most common things the average homeowner overlooks is their annual HVAC maintenance. According to most HVAC brand owner’s manuals, you should have preventative maintenance performed on your system twice per year—once at the beginning of spring and again at the start of fall. However, it can be very easy to forget to schedule these important maintenance checkups with everything else you have going on. In order to help homeowners keep their semi-annual maintenance up to date, many HVAC service companies have developed service agreement plans. A service agreement plan can vary from company to company, but the basic principle is that theRead More →

As we move into the Summer months many families take advantage of the warm weather and lack of school to go on vacation. It’s very common for people to shut off their air conditioning when they’re gone in order to save some money on their cooling bill. After all, they won’t be home so why run the AC anyway? Unfortunately, shutting off your air conditioner for a vacation can be very problematic for your home, especially in the south.

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is responsible for a lot of things in your home. It keeps your home warm in the fall and winter months, and cool in the spring and summer. Your HVAC system also keeps the quality of the air in your home where it should be so that you’re not breathing in dust, dirt and other contaminants all the time. This powerful system keeps you comfortable all year long and it’s easy to forget it even exists. However, if your HVAC system were to break down on you in the middle of the blistering summer heat, you wouldRead More →


Heat pumps are one of the most efficient heating systems available, pulling cold or warm molecules from the air to either heat or cool your home, depending on your temperature setting. Even when the temperature is as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit, there are still warm air molecules a heat pump can use to create warmth throughout your home. The same is true for cooling your house effectively even at temperatures of over 90 degrees Fahrenheit.