Furnace Repair and Installation in Western NC

Furnace Repair and Installation in Western NC

Heating Repair in Western NCWhen it comes to keeping your home warm in the fall and winter months, you trust your furnace to get the job done. Unfortunately, sometimes your furnace can break down and leave you in the cold.

Hopefully, your furnace is just having a minor issue and can be repaired. Attempting to fix it yourself could be difficult or even dangerous, even for minor furnace repairs. It is highly recommended that you call a professional immediately to come inspect and repair your home’s furnace.

Unfortunately, sometimes your home heating furnace just gives up on you altogether and may be beyond repair. In situations like this, it is important to get a replacement as soon as possible.

Going without a heater in the fall and winter will not only leave you and your family shivering but can also cause damage to your home.

If your furnace isn’t blowing hot air or you’re having trouble getting it to come on at all, you should call your local heating and cooling services company to check on it. They can let you know what the problem is and recommend a replacement. Mountain Heating and Cooling can even install a new furnace for you and have your home nice and toasty in time for the cold fall and winter months!

Some Of Our Heating Services Include:

  • Heat pumps
  • Oil furnaces & furnace repair
  • Gas (propane and natural) furnaces and furnace repair
  • Electric furnaces and furnace repair
  • Through-the-wall heat pumps
  • All residential, commercial, and industrial units
  • Installation, maintenance, and repair of all of the above
  • Work on brand name equipment, including Trane, Coleman, Goodman, Amana, and more!

Mountain Heating and Cooling specializes in repairing and replacing broken furnaces. When you want to stay warm in the winter, call Mountain Heating and Cooling at (828) 527-8106 to handle all of your home heating needs.